* The Band *
The Band, Fuzzy Smith, Donny Carter, Red Gray, & Willie on Drums

People ask, how'd you get that name?  Well, here it is.  We decided to throw together a
band for a party in Port Allegany .  Rod called me on Wednesday at 7pm to go jam at 9pm
at the Phil-n-Station for a couple sets to see what we knew....and that's how it happened.  
A 2 Hr. Notice.  Phil then asked to play another gig, and it's been nothing but fun ever
since!!  We play just about anything you can think of.  And that's the fun, trying to play any
and all requests that come our way...of course, on a bar napkin with 4 shots...hahaha
We have had a lot of fun playing together for the past few years and have played alot of
great gigs!!!  We love our fans and try to always play what they want!!  If you haven't seen
us, well you don't know what you are missing!!!  Make sure to check out the schedule and
come see our show.  Let us know you read this bio and we'll buy ya a shot!!!!
See ya soon at a gig near you!!!

Don Carter.  (Bass, Vocals)  Don has been playing bass for 35 yrs.  He has also played
with many bands including Shadow Fox from 1978 to 1988 and Surprise Package from
1988 to 1998.  He has also played with Lip Service and is presently also playing with
Straight Edge from Smethport.  He picked up the bass when he was 12 yrs old and has
never put it down since.  We are very lucky to have Don to jam with us!!

Fuzzy Smith. (Guitar, Vocals)  I started playing with my first band, AKA, in 2003.  I learned
how to play guitar in 3rd grade.  I have had many musical influences over the years from
Bluegrass, to Blues, to Rock.  And of course, my Grandpa who kept me playing through
my teen years.  I have also been lucky enough to get up and jam with some great bands
and learn a variety of music.  Another thank you to those of you that I have jammed with,
and a thank you to Terry Bellamy for all the great lessons!  

New Members Bios coming soon!!!

Red Gray (Guitar, Vocals)

Willie (Drums, Vocals)

George Stephan.(Guitar,Vocals)

Well, that's our band and we hope to see you all having fun with us at every show!!!!  And
you will have fun!!!
For Booking info contact Fuzzy Smith at 716-474-6061
or e-mail me at fuzzy@2hournotice.com

Former Members:
Goober Hostuttler.(Drums,Vocals)

"Hot Rod" Tucker.  (Lead guitar, Vocals)  Rod started playing as a young
kid.  He has played with many bands over the years including Orion and
Nip & Tuck.  Rod moved to Florida for about 10 yrs. writing and
recording his own material and he also played with many bands there.
He moved back in 1996 and started his solo act.  This is where most of
you probably know him from.  He's a great guitar player, and now you
have to see him with the electric guitar!!!!  Amazing!

Scott Seaton. (Drums, Vocals)  Scott is originally from Cuba and has
been playing in the Olean area since he was 13.  Scott has been playing
for over 25 yrs.  He spent 16 of those years with West.  He has also
played with Fat Brat of Buffalo and now he also plays with AKA and 3
Sum.  Scott's pounding drums and awesome vocals make him a great
piece to this band.
2 Hour Notice
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